New! FoodID's Kevin Lo in Science Magazine – “Raised without Antibiotics” Label Claims Lack Integrity

Modern Farmer: What Does ‘Antibiotic Free’ Mean When it Comes to Food?

, , August 30, 2021

Emily Baron Cadloff of Modern Farmer explores what those “No Antibiotics Ever” labels mean on the food you eat. While the label seems straightforward, the overreliance on antibiotics in meat production means the answer is more nuanced.

“And it’s because of all of this—the historic reliance on antibiotics and the rise of superbugs—that companies such as FoodID exist. “Labels need to start with integrity,” says (Kevin) Lo. “Everybody assumes that a product that has a label on it that says ‘no antibiotics ever’ is legitimate, even based on an affidavit. The reality is that in the industry, there’s really not a… good framework in place that can accommodate scientific testing and verification.””

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