New! FoodID's Kevin Lo in Science Magazine – “Raised without Antibiotics” Label Claims Lack Integrity

The Hill: The days of mystery meat may be ending

, , July 20, 2021

Food In-Depth CEO Kevin Lo talks truth in labeling in The Hill. He discussed the Biden administration directives to crack down on the mislabeling of the origin of where meat is produced. This executive order is not just a win for domestic producers. It is a win for consumers increasingly concerned about where and how their meat comes from.

“adding accountability and transparency to our food supply chain directly challenges decades of a status quo where food production and oversight were largely left to the producers themselves…there is much work to be done to increase consumer confidence that the labels they read are accurate and can be trusted and that the meat they are consuming is not to the detriment of public health.”

– Kevin Lo, CEO of Food In-Depth

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